We Europe Elevators & Escalators Co. are fully aware of different and special requirements that hospitals have regarding lifts, for that our stretcher and bed lifts well- equipped with emergency control features provide comfortable transfer. The process of transporting and transferring patients, stretchers, wheelchairs as well as beds is highly demanding and sensitive. Our hospital Elevator are low on maintenance so that you wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on post installation. We can also modernize our stretcher and bed lifts as per your needs and specifications. Our hospital Elevators are economical and cost-effective.

    Drive Systems

    Electric Drive Systems / Hydraulic Drive Systems

    Required Technical Specification

    Capacity: 150-10000 kg / Speed: 0.40 – 3.5 m/s / Max Travel Heigh:t 120 m / Maximum number of Stops: 37 F / Machine Type: Room or roomless