Europe Elevators & Escalators Co. Offer to our client as per the client's requirement as Steel Structure shaft with Panoramic Design, Panoramic Elevators and standard Elevators with the concrete shaft for installation of hydraulic and traction systems. All the (manufacturing) products meet the Bureau of QCS Standards and European standards along with certificates issued by the concerned government authority. We also customize our products as per your requirements. Our passenger lifts are beautifully and luxuriously designed as per your expectations and can be easily integrated into the design of your building.

    Drive Systems

    Electric Drive Systems / Hydraulic Drive Systems

    Required Technical Specification

    Capacity: 150-10000 kg / Speed: 0.40 – 3.5 m/s / Max Travel Heigh:t 120 m / Maximum number of Stops: 37 F / Machine Type: Room or roomless